A Norwegian Dream

 A Norwegian Dream 


The spirit of the famous Norwegian explorers is in us: Discover the Unknown, take challenges !

The longing for a quiet life in and with nature, somewhere in the south. 


With experiences from visits to the country during many years of working in fashion and textiles, the choice was easy: Portugal.

Not too far north with rain and cold. Not too far south with burning heat and mass tourism.

But in the middle of the country - Beira Alta. Home of “Vinho do Dão”. 


On a first visit, one crisp february morning many years ago, we instantly felt in love with the Dão-region. 

With its small villages, dreamy valleys and rivers, high mountains, fresh smell, lushness, tranquility and clean air. In some ways similar to Norway, but warmer.

"This is what Norway would have been, if it lay in the south - it will be nice to stay here" we thought. 

After discovering the beautiful Quinta das Mercês our dream of making natural wine in the south became reality ! 

Now we are enjoying together this good life, both in Portugal and in Norway.