Norsk Vinmaker


Vår lidenskap


I am Roar Aune and I´m the Norwegian Winemaker of our winery.

As a retired Norwegian Tailor and Fashion Designer I have been fascinated by Portugal since my first visit in the 70s. 

The country, the people, the culture and last but not least the wines. 

This love for Portugal has grown during many visits over the last 40 years.


Like I used my tailor cutters in fashion-design for clients with high demands in the past, I use my wine cutters to make unique organic wine now. Wine for Wine- and Naturelovers.


With the same care, hand-crafting, competence and handfeeling as in traditional tailoring.

With the taste and ambiance from the terrain where Petra and me grow our grapes: Granite soil and ca. 370 meters above sea level.

Since 2011 we have restructured our old vineyard and made it to what it is now: Dão wines in our unique Norwegian way.

I am Petra Lohmann and I lived more than 20 years

in a small, fine wine region and watched the rhythm of the wine production close year by year. 

Together with Roar I learned the art of making wine in Portugal. Like him I love to be in the vineyard and

mostly I like the cutting of the vines at the end of the winter. 

The protection and conservation of flora and fauna are very important for me.  

No industrial production - but the task to make artisan, honest wine in an enviroment, which we care about as much as possible.

I am a business economist for IT.